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Upcoming API Changes

The Sales Channel Service API is facing some changes due to the underlying Registry update. Read more from the Updates to the Registry page.

The Sales Channel Services API is a machine-to-machine interface for external parties to facilitate trade and asset management for third parties. This documentation website is here to help developers build integrations with this API.

All our API endpoints require you to be authenticated. Please reach out to to get onboarded and acquire authentication credentials, such that you can get started using this API.

We provide different environments for production and development workloads. For anyone starting with the API, we strongly recommend to stick to the development environments.


Several of the resources which you can create through the API cannot be deleted. Therefore, we recommend using the production environment exclusively for production workloads.

Further Reading

For anyone working with the API, we recommend reading the Glossary. It covers all terms we will be using throughout our documentation and API interface. Knowing these terms will make it easier to understand all other content.

Then for developers who are building their first API integration, we recommend that you start with the Getting Started guide. It walks you through the basics of the API through concrete examples of API calls you can make.

After the getting started guide, you can dive deeper into the basic concepts of the API.

We publish the OpenAPI specification of our API as a more formal and detailed specification of what a consumer can expect from the API. We actively strive to keep the behaviour of the API within what is documented in the spec. Further reading on OpenAPI.